Which furnishings are worth the investment?

Thu 23 Nov 2017 Jordan Harling

We all love a bargain, a little bit of scrimping and saving goes a long way. But sometimes, it’s a wiser not to chase after the savings and instead invest in yourself. Sometimes this is true of your furniture, sometimes less so. That’s why we’re here today, to show you where to focus your moneysaving might and where to treat yourself.



My, my, my, we spend a lot of time in the land of slumber. Depending on whether you can only manage 40 winks or you get four hundred, you might be spending anywhere between a quarter to a third of your life in bed.

We’re happy to splurge on shoes and on our car for comfort, but for some reason most of us are reluctant to do the same for our sleepy time haven. We spend so much time in bed, we deserve a comfortable matches.


Windows furnishings

We know what you’re thinking: “Oh! What are the chances a windows furnishings company would suggest that you need to buy high-quality blinds and curtains.” We understand your point, and perhaps we are a little biased. But in all seriousness, investing a little into your windows is a smart thing to do. Windows, walls and doors are all that separate your lovely home from the wild world outside.

We love the outdoors, don’t get us wrong, but we like it staying there. And here’s where window furnishings come in. Good quality blinds and curtains keep heat, noise, light, and prying eyes either in or out (depending on your preferences).



Are you a fan of television, perhaps you like entertaining guests, or maybe just settling down for a quiet read with a classic novel. Whichever takes your fancy, there’s a good chance your sofa is going to be involved. It’s one of the most versatile pieces in your entire home, suitable for a relaxing evening on your own or a raucous party (of up to three, four if someone squeezes onto the arm). So treat yourself, your friends, and the bums of everyone who visits your house and invest in a sofa worthy of your seat.


Energy efficient appliances

As the old adage goes: “You gotta spend money to make money.” With energy prices always on the rise it’s becoming more financially prudent to stump up an upfront cost with the view of recouping your money later on through energy efficiency and lower electrical bills. Granted this tactic only works if you’re new energy efficient appliances are built to last, but choose wisely and everything will turn out well in the long run.



Desk chair

How’s your spine? It’s not a question that’s often asked, but my word it’s an important one. We humans are fragile things and there’s nothing more indicative of this than that constant ache most people get in their lower back. Without good posture we become shambling husks of humans. Modern day life forces us to sit much more than we’d like, but since we don’t have a choice, we should at least make the most of it by spending a little extra for a bit of lumbar support.

If you only spend a little on yourself, make sure that you focus on these five things. We can’t help with mattresses, appliances, or chairs but if you’re looking for a high-quality window furnishings check out our range.


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