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How to measure your bay window for your roman blinds.

Please see the information below on how to measure your window to ensure you enter the correct size. We will make your blinds to the exact measurements you specify. It is important you follow the guidelines shown below.

Important Notes

The blind tracks must have adequate spacing between them so that the mechanisms can be operated correctly. The measurements shown are the minimum we recommend.

Please note that our blinds are made to a tolerance of within 5mm

These measurements are can be used for both Standard and Deluxe Headrails which have a depth of 4cm

Use the measurements shown next to the appropriate type of bay window ensuring you take 3 measurements across the width of the window and use the smallest of the three measurements

Right Angled Bay Windows

Right Angled Measurements

  • A = width minus 8cm
  • B = width minus 5cm
  • C = width minus 5cm

Three Sided Bay Window

Three Sided Bay Window Measurements

  • A = width minus 6cm
  • B = width minus 4cm
  • C = width minus 4cm

Five Sided Bay Window

Five Sided Bay Window Measurements

  • A = width minus 6cm
  • B = width minus 6cm
  • C = width minus 6cm
  • D = width minus 4cm
  • E = width minus 4cm