How to measure for your curtains

Please read the information below to ensure you measure correctly for your curtains. It is worth taking extra care when taking measurements and we advise the use of a metal tape to ensure you measure with accuracy. Please take your measurements in CM only.

Watch our Curtains measuring video!

Measuring the width

We always advise that you measure the curtain track or pole width, not the window.

If you are fitting a new track or pole this should extend 15cm to 20cm either side of the window. This will allow the curtains to be stacked either side of the window.

Curtain Poles

Measure the length of the pole between the finials(decorative ends).

Curtain Rails.

Measure the length of the rail. If you have a rail with an overlap in the centre, measure the length of the rail and add the length of the overlap to this measurement.

Measuring the drop

The length of your curtains will depend on your preference. Typical length measurements are as follows.

A: Full length which is approximately 1.5 to 3cm above floor level

B: Above radiator typically 1 to 3cm above the radiator.

C: Below the window sill typically around 15cm.

Measure from the top of the track or bottom of the curtain rings for a curtain pole to the desired length of your curtains.

Tab Top & Eyelet Curtains

For Tab Top or eyelet curtains you should take your measurements from the very top of the pole.

Pencil, Pinch & Goblet Pleat

Measure from the top of the track or bottom of the curtain rings to the desired length of your curtains.

Fullness or gathering

Once you have entered your curtain pole or rail width, we will calculate the amount of fabric required for your curtains. Some headings require more fullness or gathering than others so these headings will require more fabric which is reflected in the price of the curtains.

All curtains are made in increments of 1/2 widths
Pencil Pleat 1.75
Pinch Pleat 2.25
Wave Pleat 2.0
Tab Top 1.5
Eyelet 1.5

How to measure your roman blind.

Please see the information below on how to measure your window to ensure you enter the correct size. We will make your blinds to the exact measurements you specify. It is important you follow the guidelines shown below.

Watch our Romans measuring video!

Inside or Outside the Recess?

First decide where you want the blind to hang this can be either inside the recess or outside of recess covering the frame? Inside the recess looks neater but you need to determine if there is suitable space for the top fittings to be screwed into the window. Outside the recess can make the window look but is ideal for windows with limited recess space.

Please note that our blinds are made to a tolerance of within 5mm

Recess Measurement

Using a steel rule, take three measurements across the width of the recess make a note of the smallest measurement.
Do the same for the height(drop) inside the recess again making sure you take the smallest measurement.
Please note for recess measurements we will deduct 1cm from the width.

Outside Recess Measurement

It is advisable to allow an overlap of 75mm or 3(inch) to avoid any light gaps around your blind
Take the width of the window and add the desired overlap to either side of the blind.
Measure the height(drop) of the blind and add the desired overlap to the top and bottom of the blind. If the blind is to sit on a window sill then only add the overlap to the top of the blind.

Bay Window Measurement

Bay Window Measurement Guide

Bay windows are more complex to measure and for this reason we have created a useful guide to help you when measuring your bay window.
To view the page see Bay Window Measuring Guide