Product Selection Guide

Curtains are an easy way of updating and refreshing your home, but choosing them can be difficult - there are so many things to consider such as style, colour and pattern. Before placing an order you may want to consider getting samples of the designs or colours you are looking at so that you can make sure they will suit your home. Below we have put together a quick guide to help you choose the best possible curtain for you.

Style of Curtain

Pencil Pleat

Pencil Pleat is a traditional decorative heading for curtains. Each curtain has small folds at the top that are gathered closely together to resemble a row of pencils laid side by side. They are created by pulling the cords on the heading tape and winding them around a cord tidy to keep the pleats in place. These can be used on all types of track and pole.

Goblet Pleat

Goblet Pleated Curtains have a strip of stiffener sewn into the heading, which is pleated at the base to create the goblet effect. Goblets are placed at intervals and are consistent within a pair of curtains. Please be aware that certain designs, for examples wide contrasting stripes or motifs across the width, may become skewed and we cannot guarantee where the motif or stripe will fall on a finished curtain.

Pinch Pleat

Pinch Pleats are more gathered than pencil pleats and they are permanently sewn-in for a more stylish and tailored look. Because they are permanent it is very important that your track/pole measurements are accurate when buying pinch pleat curtains.

Tab Top

Tab Top Curtains give a more contemporary look and are suitable for any curtain pole. The casual, less formal style of these curtains makes them suitable for bedrooms, studies, kitchens and nurseries. The tabs are always made from the same fabric as the curtains and are included in the total curtain length stated.


Eyelets are a smart looking alternative for your curtains and are suitable for all fabrics. The wave effect of the curtains creates an elegant window covering and adds style to any room. These curtains look best on wide windows and with a striped or symmetrical pattern. Each curtain will have an even number of eyelets regularly spaced across the width.

Please be aware that not all curtain types will fit all types of pole or track.


Colour is an important aspect of our lives as it can affect our moods, so it is worth giving some thought to how you would like your home to look and feel. Perhaps you are looking for a colour to complement an existing colour scheme, or perhaps you need a colour that is going to make a statement and create an impact.
Darker colors will tend to make the room darker and will cut out more light from the windows. But if you're looking to lighten up a room, choose lighter colors for your curtains. The pale colors will tend to let sunlight filter through, even if the curtains are so heavy that you can't see through them.

Beware of using strong, dark colours next to light coloured walls as this can often create too bold of a statement.


Whether you want an intricate pattern, something simple or something in between, there is a design for everyone and for every home. When choosing a design it is important to consider the decor of the room the curtains will be in and decide what sort of design will work best.For example, if your room is already full of fancy designs it might be best to get plain curtains as too many different designs can create a busy, distracting effect. If you want a home that feels relaxed you should consider plain curtains with patterned walls, or vice versa. The most important thing in any home is a style that suits the people living there and their way of life.

Remember, it is always worth getting samples so that you can examine the designs and colours and decide whether they will suit your home.


Premium Lining

Curtains are available lined which can help protect the main fabric from fading by sunlight and improve the drape of the product.

Blackout Lining

Blackout Lining greatly reduces light from outside penetrating a room. If you need a room to be dark even when it's light outside, for example in a nursery, if you work a night shift, like to sleep in on weekends, or are easily woken by early morning light, then blackout lining is definitely the choice for you.

Please see our Measurement Guide for instructions on how to measure for all types of curtain correctly.


All our curtains have a matching cushion available in the same fabric, or you could order a completely different design to add contrast to your room.
All of our cushions come with a choice of polyester lining or duck feathers.

If you need any assistance at all please don't hesitate to call our Dedicated Customer Care Team who will be happy to help you with any inquiry you may have.