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Hessian Dove Roman Blind

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Plus FREE thermal or blackout lining upgrade today!
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  • No Lining

    Although your blinds will hang better if they are lined, this option is very cost effective.

  • White Blackout Lining

    Fully lined with white blackout lining.Stops more sunlight than standard lining, darkens room. Ideal for childrens bedrooms and for night workers.

    Free Upgrade.

  • Thermal Lining

    Our ivory coloured thermal lining retains heat in your home, making your rooms more energy efficient.

  • Interlined

    Our ivory coloured interlining is padded to make your furnishings appear even more sumptuous. Includes the benefits of thermal lining.

  • Ivory Blackout Lining

    Significantly blocks out sunlight, making this ideal for children's bedrooms and night workers.

    Free Upgrade.

  • Premium Lining

    Fully lined with our ivory coloured polycotton lining.

  • White Chain

  • Silver Chain

  • Brass Chain

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